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You want to find a betting platform where you can gamble through your smartphone, but you are not fully informed regarding the offers of all betting houses on the market these days? If you don’t want to risk, but instead, to be recommended with a betting operator that offers mobile bets of a highest quality, our website might be very helpful for you.

Here, in we make detailed reviews of the mobile platforms the most elite betting operators in Kenya have and we also guarantee you that you are going to receive the most necessary information you need to make your proper choice where to invest your money for gambling.

We make everything possible to mark both: the weak and strong points of each mobile platform, as well as to make comparisons between the correlation of the negative and positive sides different bookies register.

This is how you are going to become aware of your own most suitable place for mobile betting activity.

Which is the ideal mobile betting platform?

What’s the thing that makes one bookie’s mobile bets good? Is it the availability of a mobile app instead of a mobile browser version?

Or is it the stability and the trustworthiness of the concrete betting platform? Or it might be the availability of many gambling functions and services? Is it the quality of these functions and services (for instance, the presence of many markets and high odds, when it comes to sport bets)? Is it the easy access to the platform or the easy management when it comes to making a registration, a deposit, a bet and so on…?

This question has no concrete or single answer. The combination of these (and many more) factors makes one mobile platform high quality and usually the different punters have different ideal alternatives for their activity.

People with old and slow devices, probably, desire to get one simple mobile browser website version which allows them to place bets on favourite matches, while the qualitative device and fast internet predispose to a desire of an ultra-modern app with all the possible extras included.

In Kenya there are bookies with different types of an app and we have made it to describe each of these apps, as well as their specific quality in our reviews.

Structure of our mobile reviews

In our reviews we have succeeded in marking the fundamental things regarding one mobile betting house, as well as to provide some more details about the things that truly deserve our and your attention.

In order to provide you the full idea of all the possibilities each mobile bookmaker offers, our reviews follow this structure of content plot:

  • Information about the availability of an app, including the operating system it’s compatible with, as well as all the other options for a bet (usually, the other option for a bet is the company’s mobile website browser version)
  • Information about the way you can download the app
  • Information about the content in the app or / and the mobile version (in these lines you will get a clear idea about the full range of options for gambling in a particular platform)
  • Information about the way you can make a registration and a deposit via the app or / and the mobile version, including the different payment methods