KwikBet is one of the newest bookmakers, which seems quite simple especially when being opened via a mobile device.

The bookie accepts bets placed by Kenyan sport lovers, mainly in the following fields: soccer, American football, basketball, rugby, tennis, Kwik League (a football championship which is fully computer-stimulated) and one football Tote game with a jackpot prize of up to 1 million of Ksh.

Is there Kwikbet app – download?

All users from Kenya have the option to place bets in KwikBet, but this option is not a mobile app in its concrete meaning – or an application you usually download and install on your smart device.

Instead, the betting operator provides the so called web application which does not require from you to make any installation – you can load it via the mobile browser you generally use to surf in the web.

Regardless what mobile browser you use, you can open KwikBet with it. All you have to do for this purpose is to type the bookie’s address and the web application will automatically open.

It would have been a giant bonus if in future the betting company does some work for an application development, but currently at this moment the mobile browser version is the only alternative you have.

And, as a matter of fact, the betting house has quite more significant priorities to focus on especially when it comes to improving its entire gambling service, so there’s a long way to go through till the necessity of application development finds its time.

What can I do via Kwikbet app apk?

Within the first lines of this article we have listed you the sport bet types you can place in KwikBet and frankly, with them the entire service exhausts if you are a punter from Kenya who wants to use this particular bookie.

If leaving the pages for login and registration aside, the betting company’s mobile version does not include any other pages save for those with the bets in each game. And as to these pages, on the other side, they do not contain anything additional except for the odds and the markets they refer to.

You can forget about everything like charts, positions or statistics, which are very typical in other bookmakers and which are, on the other side, very helpful to plan the betting activity easily or without visiting other websites for this sort of information.

This bookmaker’s two weakest points are the following: first of all, there’s no live betting section and second of all, KwikBet does not offer any bonuses.

These are not problems typical only for the mobile web application as even if you decide to use the betting platform via a desktop device, you will still not be able to place bets in real time or to receive any bonuses.

Such disadvantages make KwikBet a bit left behind by the competition and on Kenyan gambling market in general. Speaking of which, you can read the particular offers the rest Kenyan betting houses provide on our website, too.

Kwikbet login, registration and deposit via a mobile device

We can hardly find lots of reasons to give you in order to make you to register in KwikBet, but if you find such, follow these steps to make a registration in the website:

  1. There’s a notice Register with an exclamation mark just one centimeter below the bookie’s brand name.
  2. In the three fields you will see once you click on the notice you should type the following personal details in this same order: mobile phone number, a password and once again, this same password.
  3. Now, touch the empty boxes under the fields in order to confirm that you are at least 18 years old and that you accept KwikBet’s terms and conditions.
  4. Touch the button under these empty boxes where Register is written.
  5. Open the SMS message you will receive from the bookie within a couple of seconds. Now, enter the code from the message in the field for the SMS code.

If you decide not only to open an account in KwikBet, but also to fund it with real money in order to place real bets, the payment method you can use is M-Pesa.